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September/October 2018 - update:

- full screen is now pixel perfect
- fixed crazy stuttering when Akeni would crouch atop of his Tent or atop a coconut tree
- fixed 1st level river splash animation if entering river from left cave in 1st level
- fixed crouching base height (used to be 1 pixel below feet level)
- added hair animation when falling from a jump animation.
- changed water, bubble and cloud transparencies throughout the game.
- changed Akeni's eyes to black (used to be dark red)
- pixel art touch up (more lighter green shades) on one type of the banana tree (left and right facing trees)
- added granite rock layer inside the 1st level cave
- substituted thick tree grass to normal ones in the mountain level - added diagonal grass to mountain and jungle level
- added some cave river rocks - added vines to jungle trees and ivy plants to the jungle level to make it even more "jungly"
- subtle pixel art touch up (a bit bulkier wings) on the bats
- subtle pixel art touch up on one of the clouds
- created a more proper scorpion walking animation
- pixel art touch up on the pineapple in the points screen (intro screen)
- subtle pixel art touch up on the mountain level gorilla (subtle lighting on his arms, shoulders and head)
- fixed annoying arrow selection timing on language select screen
- re-sorted some internal game code - merged introduction screens into one.


akeni.exe 11 MB
Oct 09, 2018

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