New Update

Akeni Update (12-12-2017):

1- water droplets now drop from the lost cave river ceiling...
Gameplay fix:
2- player does not fall anymore on a fake floor that was inside the cave, and which I discovered by chance!
bug fix:
3- the game now allows you, the player, to enter your initials (if achieving 2500 points or more) in its high score after player dies while still having credits left!

if you find any other odd things happening in the game, please report to me and I will fix it (if I can)

One thing I am yet to discover how I can fix is that in some levels, like the first for example, when and if the white vampire bat comes,
(the one that chases you get 3 goes and don't move off the screen) and you do move off, the bat goes back to where it came from...
This does not happen in some levels, so I need to fix that... I have tried to fix it once but could not find the right reason.
So as for now the chasing bat will still come towards you even though you moved off screen, but without chasing.

Game owners have been personally contacted by me to update!

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