New Update, 2018

Game updates:

1- Akeni's foot now is really standing on the ground (used to be 1 pixel above ground "on air" which was odd).
2- pixel art touch up on the mountain in the game intro screen.
3- Corrected some bugs with the vampire bat
4- You don't have to press control anymore to exit the lost cave river (last level)
5- Completed planting grass on a part which there was none in front of the tribe chief (ending/credits level)
6- Embelished the Brazilian flag in the language selection screen!
7- I lit up the sky in the game's intro a little bit
8- Added sea splash animation to all the screens in the game's intro
9- Added treasure Ametist stone (beautiful purple color), worth 1000 points
10- Don't know if I did this in the last update but: added water dripping below the last Lost Caverns level
11- Don't know if I did this in the last update but: added falling stalactites in the last Lost Caverns level
12- Reverted Game's resolution stretch to be pixel perfect, as that embelishes the game's pixel art to the fullest!

Serious future update consideration: making the game's songs better (fuller with more intruments as an orchestra, more extended)
I might even change some songs completely to a more epic tone...

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Jul 28, 2017

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