New Update!

Update is here!!! (edited on October 27, 2017) I am now personally contacting each and every Akeni owner and sending them the updated game download link!

1- All game songs have been upgraded to a better sound!
2- Deep sea level now features sun reflection on some rocks and air bubbles that spring up everywhere in the sea.
The game now feature a level treasure map! no more being clueless of
where are the things needed to progress, as 4 of the 7 levels are huge
labyrinths and the game never told you where things were! Just hold the
Alt key (second arcade button) and the map will show .
Also on the last level the map will show you where to go to exit the cave as that was pretty much a mystery!
4- the game is back at full screen vertical stretch again like how M.A.ME. does (no more pixel perfect aspect ratio)
there are treasure maps only in the labyrinth like levels. Keep in
mind, that the map will not show you where you are. Only where in the
map things (that are needed to progress the game: treasures or special
item) , are!

Game note: Akeni is my life dream game, meaning I shall forever update it for as long as I live or as much as it enables me.
I do try my best to keep it feeling old school though and that it stays true to tile based graphics as it were in the coin op arcade machines.


akeni.exe 7 MB
Jul 28, 2017

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